Who We Are

Instructors & Trainers Who Care

Our instructors & trainers believe in a sense of COMMUNITY. Studio EX is all about offering fun, effective and motivating group exercise classes.

The Best classes with the Best Instructors

Studio EX is here to fill a niche.  Taking Group Fitness Classes & Training to new level with a boutique studio feel without the boutique price! Classes designed and lead by the best instructors. Our MEMBERS come first and we will offer the classes you want and love.  

We will motivate you!!

80% of Americans do not exercise.  That's a big number and most fitness studios cater to the 20% of the population that do exercise. Studio EX offers all kinds of classes for all kinds of people! The fit, the not so fit, the coordinated and the total klutz, the motivated or the couch potato will feel comfortable as a Studio EX groupie. 


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